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Devil Fruits are said to be the treasures of the sea in the world of One Piece and they grant incredible powers to those who eat them in exchange for their ability to swim. The first Devil Fruit that we saw in this series was that of Monkey D. Luffy, known as the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Since then, a plethora of Devil Fruits have been introduced, some of them being incredibly powerful. Of course, as the story progressed, we also got to see some Devil Fruits that offer mediocre abilities. Water Law. He is a very formidable warrior who has magnificent control over his Devil Fruit powers.

This Devil Fruit allows him to construct "Room" within which Law is able to cut, teleport, manipulate anything in his surroundings. With this power, Law has gone on to achieve some great things, such as cutting an entire mountain range, and even a giant meteor, with one slash of his sword.

what is the best devil fruit in anime fighting simulator 2020

He can also bypass Haki which is an insane feat as not many Devil Fruits can do that. This fruit allows her to change her weight between 1 to 10, kilograms, which while decent, isn't that impressive.

As seen at Whiskey Peak, it can be easily evaded by anyone and this fruit is simply an inferior version of the Ton Ton no Mi. During her fight with Zoro, he was easily avoiding every attack of her while Miss Valentine wasn't even able to graze him. Despite having the Devil Fruit ability, she wasn't a major threat to any of the Strawhats and was easily defeated by them.

It was the first of its kind that was introduced in the series, and as expected, its abilities are mind-blowing, making it one of the strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece.

It allows Marco to turn into a Phoenix and also grants him the ability to regenerate from almost any injuries. What's more, it also enhances Marco's physical strength to great heights, even more than an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit. It allows its users to create iron shackles, with which they can capture their targets. Hina can bind her opponents, but also her own allies if she isn't careful.

Top 10 One Piece Devil Fruits (Updated)

While the ability is handy, it is also very slow and can be avoided without much problem. At Marineford, Luffy was able to evade it using Gear 2 with ease. All the showings of this fruit have been rather underwhelming, which is what makes it one of the weakest Devil Fruits in the series. This Devil Fruit allows Doflamingo to create and manipulate strings at will.

Surprisingly, these strings are extremely durable and can even withstand a meteor's force, on top of being able to block some of the strongest sword slashes. Its awakening allows its user to turn anything they touch into strings that can be controlled freely, making it a very dangerous ability.

The true potential of this Devil Fruit's abilities was demonstrated by Doflamingo while fighting against Luffy. With its powers, he gains the ability of flight by creating propellers around their bodies. Evidently, there isn't much this Devil Fruit can do, other than being used for transport purposes for crew members.

It doesn't seem to be useful in combat, and the user can't even defend themselves from an enemy attack which makes it pretty useless in the world of One Piece. It allows its user to become magma itself and then control it freely. As expected, this Devil Fruit has insanely high offensive abilities, stated to be of the highest order among all Devil Fruits. With its powers, Akainu was able to boil a portion of the ocean, destroy icebergs, and even melt half of Whitebeard's facewhich just goes to show how tremendous it truly is.

This Devil Fruit allows him, a reindeer, to turn his body into that of a human.So basically a special is a powerful ability that derives from many different anime. Each of these abilities granit you special abilities. All of them except for the Devil Fruit cost Chikara Shards.

Stands are focused on short range, long range, and AoE Area of Effect attacks. It is perfect for people who like to both attack short range and long range. It is mostly focused on AoE and long range damage. Instead of being bought for chikara shards, you need to find them around the map.

Quirks are kind of like superpowers and give you abilities such as Blue Fire control, lasers, superhuman strength, ice and fire control, and the power to assemble and disassemble anything. They are focused on short range, long range, and AoE. The first time is free. Grimoires are magical textbooks. One of its attacks are melee, another is long range, and the last is AoE. For the Stands, the best one is Made in Heaven, which can teleport to nearby players and slash at them, causing huge damage.

It is super effective if you need to finish the job quickly. The other best move is Universe Reset, which your stand creates a boundary of damage which deals huge damage. For Devil Fruits, there actually are two. One is the Goro Goro no Mi, a Logia-type fruit.

It looks like a blue pear with dark blue swirls. The other best fruit is the Yami Yami no Mi, a Logia-type fruit. It appears as a spiky dark magenta fruit. It creates black holes as its attacks. This is useful, because when you need a direct hit and you miss, no prob. The black hole will just suck in the player you are targeting.

The best Quirk is Overhaul.

what is the best devil fruit in anime fighting simulator 2020

With this Quirk you can create large spiky columns to damage your opponents and they deal huge damage, and are super long ranged. One of its moves actually can pin down players and deal damage at the same time. The best Kagune is Eto. When in use, you transform into this giant weird one eyed crab or something, that can fire shards and create shockwaves if you activate it while using susanoo, it looks like the susanoo skeleton is riding the kagune. Its first move summons a huge sword you wield and a big bubble that can protect you from other Grimoire attacks known as Anti-Magic from the Black Clover franchise.

Its second move summons yet another sword you hold with a large spark on the tip of the blade.In exchange for your ability to swim, you could get an incredible power like turning into fire or setting up invisible barriers. There are only 2 we saw fit to return. Ito Ito no Mi Donquixote Doflamingo. The ability to control and create strings is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of overpowered abilities, but in the world of One Piece, the Ito Ito no Mi is something to be feared.

This effectively makes him invulnerable unless you can take him down in a single blow! There are only 2 known counters to the Soru Soru no Mi, which grants its user control of souls. The first of which is the Yomi Yomi no Mi, which when eaten gives its new owner the power to separate their soul from their body and thus, the Soru Soru no Mi will have no effect. The other is to simply not fear the user of the Soru Soru no Mi, as fear indicates that someone has possession of your individuality.

Frankly, the only way this power could be considered overpowered is if the user themselves was ridiculously strong. With the Soru Soru no Mi, no one can even think about talking back to her, as it means she can simply drain your life away without the chance to even fight back.

Only those who believe they have the strength to stand up to Big Mom have a chance. Plus, Big Mom can Horcrux it up and imbue her soul into any object she pleases. Trees, her ship, the clouds… anything is possible. This also means that anything she puts her soul into also gets a fraction of her mighty strength, which for Big Mom means even 0.

It makes you wonder why she even bothers with a pirate crew. As it turns out, Katakuri could sing that to Luffy and genuinely mean it. In actuality, its user can grow exponentially and shape their body into whatever they desire. Katakuri can do that and more. All he has to do is infuse his attacks with Haki and he can create any weapon he desires.

Why even bother with a fight? All it takes is one touch. After that, Smoothie will use her juices to blast out powerful shockwaves. Wringing you out just makes it easier. If you try to poison her, she can just use her own power on herself to squeeze out any toxins flowing in her body. The only way to win is through sheer force, which no small feat.It is one of the primary sources of power for the Magic Knights and other mages. Activating a Grimoire is done by pressing [9] on the keyboard for PC players or pressing the [Grimoire] button centered at the top of the screen for mobile players.

All Grimoires have three skills. One skill is bound to the [Z] key, the other is bound to [X] key, and the third is bound to the [C] key. Each Grimoire has its own set of skills for players to utilize in combat. Chakra 50x Valkyrie Dress Summon a suit of water armor and dash forward with a water lance, causing huge damage.

Chakra 75x. Strength 25x Spirit Storm Shoot a very large and instant beam over a long distance. Strength 35x Tornado Fang Shoot a horizontal tornado which picks up players and causes damage. Strength 40x.

Strength 20x Second Sword Summon a sword and produce a powerful energy ball which is fired from the sword, causing huge damage. Strength 30x Third Sword Summon a sword and slam it into the ground to cause area damage, as well reflect all Grimoire damage back to players. Strength 35x. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Summon a suit of water armor and dash forward with a water lance, causing huge damage.

Summon a sword and produce a powerful energy ball which is fired from the sword, causing huge damage. Summon a sword and slam it into the ground to cause area damage, as well reflect all Grimoire damage back to players.Having a good power system has essentially become a must in any Shounen series. Some fan-favorite power systems may include chakra from Narutonen from Hunter x Hunteror quirks from My Hero Academia.

And while many of these are the result of careful planning to create complex yet tangible battles, there aren't many that are as full of personality and zaniness as the Devil Fruits from One Piece. However, not every Devil Fruit is grown equal. With that, here are the current top 10 most powerful Devil Fruits in One Piece. New and powerful otherworldly delights have been shown in the series as of late, creating grander spectacle in the world and even harsher competition for the Strawhats.

This list will be expanding its entries to include some of the fresher Devil Fruits that have sparked fans' imaginations.

This fruit is considered overpowered because it essentially grants the user near indestructibility. Its user, Buggy the Star Clown, is by no means a strong character but was able to stroll or float through most of the Paramount War with virtually no harm.

Donquixote Doflamingo was already a terrifying force between his innate use of Haki and his bent personality, but what really solidified him as an underworld terror was his Devil Fruit. Besides being a quick marionette kit, the String-String Fruit can also splice large buildings at a distance, pierce people like bullets, create a countrywide cage, and even repair the user's own internal organs.

Admiral Kizaru may be one of the least shown Marine admirals, but that doesn't mean people should underestimate him. Kizaru has the most powerful Devil Fruit out of all of the original three admirals and perhaps even the new generation. The Glint-Glint Fruit is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that lets the user take on the qualities of light, meaning that Kizaru is both indestructible and fast as a flash. His lasers have also been some of the most destructive things in the One Piece world, going as far as to be harnessed and weaponized within the infamous Pacifistas.

Pica sadly didn't get a lot of time to shine during the Dressrosa Arc, but he did make it hard for fans to not notice him. With the Stone-Stone Fruit, Pica is able to manipulate and absorb all stone around him, with his initial showing of this being when he literally absorbed all of Dressrosa to create a giant armor for himself.

Even to a giant like Hajrudin, Pica was able to easily overshadow everyone and devastate by essentially punching people with their own neighborhoods. The series had been teasing Kaido for years prior to his showing in Wano, and fans had been wondering if he could truly live up to his hype. Those fans had to look no further than when he transformed into a classic, Japanese dragon to overshadow all of Wano.

While Pica was huge, Kaido was essentially godlike, staring down on his country with malevolent, drunken eyes. Besides sheer size, Kaido is also able to blow down entire sections of the country with his dragon breath. Fans will still have to wait a while before they see the fruit's full potential, but its single showing has certainly sparked people's imaginations and nightmares. Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate was a feared man for a variety of reasons, but one of the easiest ones being that he could possibly destroy the entire world with just his fingertips.

This allows them to create shock waves within the air, summon entire tsunamis, and even tilt entire sections of the world by grabbing and flipping the air.

Vice Admiral Tsuru herself even said that there was no place safe in the world from the power of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit.

And, now, it belongs to Marshall D. Speaking of which Ominous name? Everything about the Darkness-Darkness Fruit screams bad news. Teach, even uses it to nullify Devil Fruit powers for a period of time, which is pretty frightening in a world where Devil Fruit users can become accustomed to feeling invincible.

The major drawback of this power is that it also absorbs attacks. But in the right hands or the wrong onesthis fruit can be used to pave a dark path of destruction. This Devil Fruit lets its user turn other people and animals into toys with just a touch, which initially sounds fun until you realize that doing so also erases all memory of the victim from others.

Now, imagine this for an entire country, subjugating anyone who opposes the ruling tyrannical force. As an added bonus, it also halts the aging process of its user, like Sugar, who will forever look 10 years old despite currently being This fruit…has a lot. Absolutely adorable. Could this power get any cuter?Along with being unique to each user, Quirks are compartmentalised into multiple categories. Quirk users are also limited to one ability and are thus unable to achieve any other.

All Quirks have three skills. One skill is bound to the [Z] key, the other is bound to [X] key, and the third is bound to the [C] key. Each Quirk has its own set of skills for players to utilize in combat. Activating this Quirk in game will cause cold air to coat the user's body's right side and fire on the left. Activating this Quirk in game will cause the user's body to glow with a green, electric aura. Activating this Quirk in game will cause the user to grow two additional purple arms from their back, and turn their hands into purple claws.

what is the best devil fruit in anime fighting simulator 2020

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Activating this Quirk in game will cause the user to equip Aoyama's Sparkle Belt. Activating this Quirk in game will cause blue flames to coat the user's body. Categories :. Uses a laser that'll propel you in a chosen direction and cause damage at the same time. Produce a short concentrated ball of laser that will cause an explosion, which will inflict damage. Produce an area of high heat in front of you that will cause burn damage to players.


Extend both arms out and throw flames out of your hands which will cause burn damage. Slam the ground which will cause fire to rise up, launching players into air, causing burn damage.

Create a series of ice spikes in front of you that will damage and freeze players. Create a field of ice that will freeze players in place then coat the area in flames.Supposedly, if you eat one, you will gain devil powers Fruits are found all over the map of Anime Fighting Simulator. All Fruits have three skills. One skill is bound to the [Z] key, the second skill is bound to [X] key, and the third skill is bound to the [C] key.

Each Fruit has its own set of skills for players to utilize in combat. Chakra 35x Explosive Machine Gun Fire a series of explosive shots towards your mouse, dealing huge damage. Chakra 60x.

Chakra 35x Thunder Barrage Fire a barrage of thunder shots around your vicinity, dealing huge damage. Strength 40x Tremor Wave Fire a huge projectile ball that does damage on impact. Chakra 50x Tsunami Summon a huge tsunami that comes from both directions. Chakra 75x. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Note: Some of the content on this page was changed due to copyright reasons " I heard they are incarnations of the sea devil. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Extend both of your arms out, which you can swing to damage and push enemies away.

Create a large black hole in your area that sucks in enemies and cause damage in 3 cycles. Summon a huge ball of dark matter and throw it, causing enemies to get pulled in as it moves.