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Passive Butane Extractor and Reclaimer. What if you want to make your own BHO and reclaim your butane, but don't have the money to assemble a Terpenator? A simple system like the Tamisium Essential Oils Extractor comes to mind, but while of quality design and manufacture, they certainly aren't cheap. I started looking at passive butane recovery, which simply requires that the extraction pot be in hot water, and the recovery pot in an ice bath.

Simple Closed Loop extractor with goodies

I even designed a simple minded system from scratch, so as to get the price down, but alas, local machine shop costs still made it expensive and outside the resources of most maw and pa patients on fixed income. Hee, hee, hee, a serendipitous order mistake at Glacier tank almost gave me a wet leg, because I had previously asked for 6" diameter sanitary spools, and was told that they were not available.

The spools are 12" long, so one is enough material to make the two tanks required, simply by cutting them in two pieces and welding on new bottoms.

Pictures when those return, but until then, here is my simple minded conceptual:. I picked up the parts for the new passive butane recovery system from the machine shop today and will drop them off at the welders tomorrow.

Closed Loop Extraction 101

Couldn't resist mocking up some shots of the components stuck together, before actual welding. As you can see from the pictures, the tanks are both made from the same 6" X 12" sanitary spool, which I scored from Glacier Tank. I had them cut into two pieces, to make the wrappers and triclamp closures for both tanks. Besides a clean up cut on all exposed surfaces, the bottoms were grooved to accept the tank wrappers. The rest are all screw together parts!

Hee, hee, hee More after welding and a test run! Hee, hee, hee, the welded parts are back and Gibson aerospace welding did a gorgeous job as usual! Once a weld engineer for a metal fabrication company, I was certified as an ASTME Section IX boiler code welder, but with a cataract on one eye, I have no fine depth perception, and eschew welding until I get it fixed.

Even though Gibson's is not certified to Section IX boiler code, he is certified to numerous aerospace welding specifications that are as restrictive, or more so, and one of the best TIG welders that I met in my professional career. He sure does purdy work too and noted that the material welded exceedingly clean and was a pleasure joining the two SS components using SS wire. The collection tank is welded inside and outside, so there are no internal seams or cracks, but the butane recovery tank is welded only on the outside.Remember me This feature requires cookies to be enabled.

A closed-loop extraction system is similar to an open-butane run. However, unlike butane extraction, the solvent is sealed off from any air. The closed-loop extraction process is not new and has been used for decades to extract essential oils for things like perfume and food additives. It has only been in recent years that it has become popular in the cannabis industry. The product created utilizing a closed-loop extraction system is cleaner.

It is also somewhat safer to utilize than an open extraction method. Closed-loop extraction systems have become the norm for commercial and medicinal facilities. A closed-loop system features a large tank with an attached tube, a recovery tank, a refrigerant scale, a refrigerant pump, and a recovery pump.

To create butane hash oil BHO using a closed-loop system, an additional pump and recovery tank is also needed to create a vacuum oven. The additional equipment for BHO is to purge the butane from the cannabis concentrate.

A closed-loop system operates by packing the tube with fresh cannabis. A pressurized solvent is then attached to the cannabis-filled tube. Various valves and clamps help ensure that the solvent remains pressurized during the process.

The solvent is allowed to pass through the cannabis so the cannabinoids and THC are pulled from the plant material. The concentrated oil is collected in a recovery tank. Although not without risk, a closed-loop extraction system is safer because flammable solvents are confined and cannot leak out to cause a possible explosion. This is beneficial for pressurized liquids that become gaseous without pressure. With a closed-loop extraction system, chemical solvents can be reused, which saves money.

You must be 19 years of age or older to enter this site. Please confirm your date of birth:. Toggle navigation Menu. Home Dictionary Tags Grow Processing. Definition - What does Closed-Loop Extraction mean? MaximumYield explains Closed-Loop Extraction A closed-loop system features a large tank with an attached tube, a recovery tank, a refrigerant scale, a refrigerant pump, and a recovery pump.

Share this:. Related Terms. Related Articles. Are there benefits to changing my grow room's lighting schedule? What are the most efficient lighting and hydro systems for a small grow room set-up?

What is the best way to start growing my own medical marijuana? Seeds or clones? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Related Tags. Grow Processing Extracting.Financing available here. A Heat exchanger is used to liquify your gas during Recovery.

It is an integral part of the system and allows it to run efficiently. Heat exchangers can also be used to set your liquid solvent temprature during extraction. Use it to do extractions at 80 degrees use it to do cold extractions at degrees!

Available options:. JavaScript must be supported by your browser and needs to be enabled in order to view this page. The five pound unit is the most affordable large scale extractor yet!

diy closed loop extractor

The BHOgart utilizes food grade L and stainless steel to perpetually ensure a clean product. This BHOgart collection chamber has rounded edges and a seamless design to ensure all sanitation standards are met. The machine is clamped together with double-bolted high-pressure clamps to ensure maximum safety. Standard butterfly clamps were never designed for the continuous wear and tear that extracting puts on them.

The double-bolted design adds a second bolt to hold the clamp together in the event of a failure. Each clamp comes with brass nuts to reduce heat expansion and contraction. Brass nuts reduce the risk of tightening sparks, as they are able withstand changes in temperature. The five pound BHOgart extractor offers the largest clean-cut collection chamber for large scale sanitary processing.

Financing available to qualified customers Check out or Financing portal here. From the date of delivery, customers have 15 business days to open and inspect all crates and boxes. Any missing pieces must be reported within this time period, else replacements will not be provided free of charge. If any parts are found to be missing, please call us atvia our support ticket system, or through LiveChat.

BenSanders — June 26, Call Us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The process is completed when the plant matter is filtered away and the solvent is recovered for reuse using a passive process in a closed system. Flammable solvents are allowed due to the passive process of recovery where no electrical powered pumps are used leaving the solvent inside the confines of a rated and coded system at all times.

Clamp together parts borrowed from the Sanitary industry designed to deal with milk water and other consumables do not hold up to solvents under pressure. This system is designed from the ground up to handle different solvents one would encounter in a laboratory setting.

HVAC air conditioner Pump based processes require that the solvent be removed from the safety of the pressure rated tanks at which time they are vacuumed out as a vapor and then compressed and returned back to the protection offered by the rated tanks. During the time they are removed they are no longer in the safe confines assuming the tank they are removed from is safe.

A truly closed system operates all extraction and solvent recovery processes within the confines of the coded and rated tanks and lines. If the flammable solvents are allowed to leave the confines of the rated tanks and enter and exit a recovery pump not rated with the same ratings invoked on the system then that particular system is not a closed system. This is a loophole that engineers have been using to approve pump based systems.

A Tamisium Passive system does not need to take advantage of loopholes to be safe. Pump based system have failed many times with catastrophic results during testing conducted by Tamisium Extractors starting in These failures led to the passive Tamisium Design.

diy closed loop extractor

Those old designs were scrapped and resurfaced into the public domain when an employee was terminated from Tamisium Extractors for suspected arson. Those old designs are what all other hydrocarbon extractors are based off of.

The true Tamisium system is a closed passive system that has evolved away from the use of pany umps at all and is the preferred choice for extracting volatile aromatics and other delicate targets safely. When the tanks designs were altered by competitors to cut cost the passive benefits were lost along with all the performance controls not even fully realized by the industry at this time. IN addition to being safer a Tamisium is faster due to the fact that its tanks hold all the solvent to perform a complete extraction in a single pass.

They do not need to wait for solvent to be recovered and returned as is the case with a pump based closed loop system where an inadequate amount of solvent is used and must be continuously recovered and looped through the plant matter repeatedly assing unwanted time and other undesirable traits to the process such as darkened extracts which require ultra cold temps to avoid. This larger solvent tank allows not only much faster extraction speeds but being able to hold all the solvent needed allows much greater control over the contact time, contact temperature, contact pressure, and polarity of the solvent as it passes through the plant material.

Density of the plant material column can be increased as well, which increases production per extraction. This led to learning that there 7 total controls available to an extractor. All 7 controls of an extraction process can now be manipulated to the greatest degree. Density can be as high as a 2 density whereby ml of space can hold 2 kilos of plant material which makes a tamisium process the highest density extractor available.

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Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. Meet Titan 40x, the new gold standard in hydrocarbon extraction. Premium Distillation System When it comes to distilling, sometimes you need to break the mold. Dual Condenser Rotary Evaporators Watch solvent recovery times evaporate through tried and true technology. With the outbreak of coronavirus COVID, the State of California has declared that all non-essential businesses shut down temporarily.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the virus. Stay safe. We test all of our vacuum ovens, rotary evaporators and closed loop extractors before selling them to ensure that they will perform effectively and efficiently. Visit one of our California locations to check out our selection of extraction equipment today. There, you will find more information about our closed-loop extraction systems, vacuum ovens, short path distillation kits, and rotary evaporators.

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Lil' Terp Passive BHO Extractor

First name. Last name. Your cart is empty.Cannabis extracts are a booming side of the industry, and have been an active part of the culture as far back as records date. A closed-loop system essentially mimics the actions of an open-tube butane run, without exposing the products or solvent to the open air.

As I mentioned earlier, the cost of getting started with closed loop extracting is going to be pricey especially for larger scale systems. There are dozens of companies out there that offer professional equipment for those looking to take the easy road. Be skeptical of off-brand systems, and maintain quality control by doing your research.

Across International — Established inAcross is rapidly building a reputation within the cannabis community for quality vacuum ovens. Their vacuum ovens allow for a cleaner extraction by maintaining the perfect temperatures and pressures needed to create your desired products.

Sweet Leaf Extractor — An innovative design in the closed loop system that allows you to run the system passively without the need for a recovery pump.

diy closed loop extractor

This easily makes Sweet Leaf one of the top systems in the game right now. Safety should be the main concern for anyone working with a closed-loop system. I had a chance to catch up with Daniel de Saillesfounder of Top Shelf Extractsand he offered a few safety tips for working with a closed loop system. If something does go bad, things can go very very bad.

You need to work in an outdoor environment, or a transcendent environment that mimics the outside environment. Accidents with this equipment can not only be expensive, but they can be lethal.

We strongly recommend getting proper training in person; there are several consulting companies that provide professional training on all safety aspects and equipment technicalities. Our focus is the progressive growth of the cannabis culture and industry.

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diy closed loop extractor

Medical Jane. Reviews Cannabis Strains Edibles Vaporizers. Back to top. Welcome back, [[ user.Welcome to Closed Loop Extraction By following these guides, you will get a step-by-step understanding of how to operate a simple closed loop hydrocarbon extractor.

The material is intended for individuals learning how to perform hydrocarbon extractions, and is the first step to safely operating such instruments. Hemp Hacker Glossary Posted: October 12, Here are a few terms that will help you understand both the extraction process and components of an extractor.

The biggest benefit to CLS over open blasting is safety. This guide is made to […]. The best suggestion to learn this, […]. There are two reasons to vacuum the extractor: 1. Once the extractor has reached maximum vacuum and no leaks have been detected, it can be filled with butane. Step 2 — Fill the extractor — open recovery cylinder liquid […]. Continuous showers are the easiest and most efficient way to extract cannabinoids in a CLS.

The butane is recycled by being pulled out of the bottom of the collection chamber, […]. After the desired amount of time running the continuous shower, the process needs to be shut down. Shut down always starts with stopping the flow of butane — i. Skip to content. Hemp Hacker Glossary Posted: October 12, Here are a few terms that will help you understand both the extraction process and components of an extractor.

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